The best Mexican taco recipes in the book

The Best Mexican Tacos in the Book.

Written by The Food Network’s Jessica Mangu-Ward and co-hosted by Food Network alum Erin Brockovich, this book provides all of the recipes you need to make authentic, flavorful tacos at home, whether you’re looking for fresh ingredients or a simple recipe.

Learn how to prepare fresh Mexican food at home with recipes that feature fresh ingredients, such as the famous Chilango sauce and homemade corn tortillas.

Also included is tips and tricks for using up to six different types of corn tortilla.

There’s even a recipe for homemade chicken taco sauce, which makes the perfect quick taco on a weekend when you’re craving something healthy.

Also covered is the latest trends in taco culture and recipes that will have you ordering and eating tacos at a faster pace.

And of course, there’s even the best Mexican restaurant-style dishes you’ve never seen before.