Royals are the most popular UK holiday in 2018, new research finds – Royals are more popular than ever, with more than one million people visiting their website a day, according to research by News.

The UK holiday was last visited by an estimated one million visitors in 2019.

The research, based on more than two million visits to the royal website over the past six months, found that royal visitors were far more likely to come to visit the Royal family than anyone else.

“This is particularly true for the royal family, with around 80 per cent of visitors coming from the royal household,” said Professor Jonathan Smith, who led the research.

“The number of visitors visiting the Royal Family and other organisations was much higher for those who attended events on their official visits, such as the coronavirus pandemic.”

Royal visits to Australia in 2019 saw the largest increase in the number of visits from the Royal household, with 1.2 million visitors, followed by the United Kingdom and Great Britain.

The UK also had the highest number of royal visits, with 3.6 million visitors and the US was second with 2.5 million.

Australia has the largest population of royal families, with a population of around 30 million, and has seen a large influx of royal visitors in recent years, with Royal visit numbers in the past decade increasing by nearly 20 per cent, according the research released by News Net.

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