‘Downton Abbey’ actor on making a comeback as ‘Mr. Darcy’ – Entertainment Weekly

The actor who played Mr. Darly in the original series of “Downtons” is set to reprise the role in the latest season of “The Americans.”

“Darth Darcy” actor Matthew Rhys confirmed the news in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Rhys is set for a guest appearance in season three of “American Gods” alongside “Dancing With the Stars” alum Eliza Taylor.

“Dying in the Streets” actor Michael Stuhlbarg, who played Darcy in the TV series, is also back in the role, along with a host of other actors and producers.

“I love playing him again.

It’s such an honor to be able to do it again,” Stuhlbeck said in a statement.

“He’s such a lovely guy and such a great guy, and I love playing his character and his character’s character and being able to play that kind of chemistry, that kind in a very beautiful way.”

Rhys played Mr., a man who is married to a young woman, in the series from 1998-2004.

He reprised the role as Darcy again in the 2014 TV movie “The Night Manager” and in 2016’s “The Shape of Water.”

Rhyds’ “Daredevil” character, Matt Murdock, was created by writer-producer Sam Esmail.

“American Idol” judge Ryan Murphy is also a fan of Rhys’ portrayal of the character.

“It’s such fun,” Rhys told EW.

“As I said, I love the character, and it’s such funny and touching stuff.”

“American Horror Story” alum Ryan Murphy has revealed his wish for a new “Dance With the Dragons” episode to be a Downton reunion.

Murphy, who is currently the head judge of “America’s Got Talent,” tweeted about Rhys on Sunday, asking if he wanted to return for the upcoming season of the ABC series.

“Just want to make sure to catch the next episode of ‘Dancing with the Dragons’ ASAP,” he wrote.

Rhy also tweeted that he was looking forward to the show’s third season.

“If I could do it all over again, I would have a show.

But I can’t,” he added.

“But I’d like to do the show again.

I love it, but I’m just too busy.”

“The American Gods” season three premiere is scheduled to air on April 24.