How to make pho with whipped cream and whipped cream sauce

A traditional Vietnamese dish called pho, also known as ssam, is a thick broth, usually made with fermented rice noodles, vegetables and meats, with a thin coating of coconut milk, which can be either plain or flavored with chile peppers, chili flakes or chili powder.

The Vietnamese cuisine is very similar to Indian food, but has its own unique flavor, according to author John S. Smedley.

He wrote the book “Pho” which includes his book “Cilantro” and a collection of other popular dishes.

“Pho was originally a rice noodle soup,” Smedler told ESPN.

“So when it was brought over from India it was called Pho Soup, because of the rice in it.

Pho is made with rice noodles and other ingredients that come from the same country, which is the Vietnamese.”

The soup is made using fermented rice and fish sauce.

“If you eat it raw, it’s a little bit bland,” Smeley said.

“It’s got a little too much fish sauce, which gives it a little salty flavor.

So the fish sauce is added to give it a flavor.”

Smedley said there are many variations of pho around the world.

One popular one is made from minced pork, chicken or fish, then added to broth.

“There’s a lot of varieties of phos around the country.

But the one that’s popular is usually made from pork or chicken, and it’s usually cooked in coconut milk,” he said.

The broth is made of fermented rice that is added.

Smedler said the flavors are not very pronounced and can be very sour or sweet, depending on how the fish is cooked.

He said the most common flavor of phon is sweet corn, which makes up a very small percentage of the broth.

The other common flavor is honey, which Smedson said can be found in a lot more Vietnamese dishes.

Smeley wrote about one popular variation of phong called the Pho Sauce, which was also made with fish sauce and sweet corn.

“One thing that is very popular with Pho fans is the pho sauce, and I don’t think it’s very healthy,” he told ESPN, adding that the fish in the phon sauce can be used to add some umami to the broth, making it healthier.

Smythong said the broth and sauce make up about one-third of the phos recipe, which comes with more than 30 different spices.

The sauces can be made with beef, pork, pork shoulder, lamb or chicken.

The beef or pork can be mixed with fish paste and fish juice, as well as soy sauce, chili powder, rice vinegar, vinegar, ginger and garlic.

There are also some variations of the soup that use seafood, such as the Phon Soup with Seafood and Fish Sauce.

“Some people say it’s the most popular,” Smythong told ESPN.

“It’s not like the phong sauce that’s really popular in Vietnam, but it’s still a popular dish.

I’ve been to Vietnam for about six months and I’ve had this soup in every Vietnamese restaurant that I’ve gone to.

The Phon soup is a favorite, and a very popular one, so it’s hard to not get one every time you go to a Vietnamese restaurant.”

Smely said that there are about 25 to 30 Vietnamese restaurants in the United States, including two in New York.

The average customer spends about $40 for a pho dish, he said, but there are a lot options, including a phong that’s just $8.

Smaily said the soup is often eaten on special occasions such as Christmas or anniversaries.

“It’s a very personal thing.

There are special occasions that people are looking forward to, like Christmas, Christmas dinner, or New Year’s Eve, and then on top of that there’s other holidays that people have,” Smaily told ESPN about what people expect to get.

“The soup that I make is very special because it’s not just a regular soup.

It’s very special.

And it’s kind of a tradition.”

Smailly said he hopes people can try pho and other traditional Vietnamese dishes in restaurants.

“I hope that people will stop and see this dish, and just try it out and see what they like and don’t like about it,” he wrote.