10 delicious instant pot chickpea curry recipes – Instant Pot recipe guide – 10 delicious Instant Pot chickpeas

Instant Pot is a great cookbook for anyone who likes to cook fast, easy, and with a little care.

This guide gives you everything you need to know about Instant Pot recipes, including step-by-step instructions, step- by-step photos, and an assortment of flavorful chickpean curry recipes.

If you’re a fan of instant pot, this is a must-have book.

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The best part?

You can cook up a batch of chickpear curry, rice, or lentil soup in just 30 minutes and have all your favorite Indian and Asian flavors on hand.

The Chickpea and Coconut Soup recipe is a fantastic way to start your day.

The chickpeafood stock is the perfect base for a curry.

Use a few tablespoons of coconut oil and blend in the spices.

Add chickpeach to the mixture and let simmer for 5 minutes.

Add water, salt, garlic, ginger, curry powder, and red chili flakes to taste.

Serve with a few vegetables and some coconut milk for a flavorful dish.

You’ll want to save this recipe for when you’re looking to make a quick dinner.

This soup is super quick to prepare and has a nice sweet and savory taste to it.

You can serve it over rice or as a side dish with some green salads, couscous, or even a salad of spinach and cauliflower.

The lentil and chickpeacurry soup is a wonderful way to add a delicious and healthy touch to your meal.

The coconut and red curry recipe is the ultimate summer meal.

Serve this dish over rice, and add some green veggies to your salad for a light, nutritious meal.

The Instant Pot Instant Rice recipe is one of the most popular Instant Pot rice recipes.

The instant rice is made from scratch in the Instant Pot with a simple, fast, and delicious Instant Curry.

Use the Instant Curry recipe for a delicious, nutritious dinner.

The Chicken and Mushroom Soup recipe has everything you want in a hearty and easy meal.

Cook the chicken in a large pot with a bit of chicken broth and add in a little water, tomatoes, onions, and a little minced garlic.

Add in a few carrots, and let cook for 5 to 6 minutes until the chicken is tender and the veggies are soft.

Then add in some mushrooms and let the chicken simmer for another 5 minutes, adding a little more water as needed to prevent sticking.

Add more chicken broth, mushrooms, and garlic for a more flavorful dish that can be served over rice.

The Instant Pot Chicken Curry recipe is delicious and can be used as a great summer soup for the whole family.

This chicken curry recipe comes together in just 20 minutes and tastes fantastic with a side of veggies.

The coconut and chick-pea soup is easy to make, and you can easily prepare this dish ahead of time and serve it as a meal for your guests.

The soup is made with instant chickpeah, chickpeal, and coconut milk, and it’s packed with delicious coconut flavor.

Serve the soup over rice with a green salad, or over green beans for a healthy, delicious meal.

If you want to take the Instantpot cooking to the next level, try the Instant Potato Soup.

The recipe is super simple and easy to prepare, and comes together quickly in just 10 minutes.

The ingredients are simple to prepare.

Just mix together the instant potatoes and seasonings, and then add them to a large bowl.

Mix in the coconut milk and add a bit more water for a tasty soup.

Serve over rice for a hearty, healthy meal.