How to eat ground beef without eating your tongue

A former college student from California has discovered a way to get rid of your tongue after consuming large amounts of ground beef.

The 20-year-old, who has yet to disclose her identity, has been diagnosed with a rare form of food poisoning and has been admitted to a hospital.

“I’m a college student,” said the woman, who told CNN affiliate KTVU that she had consumed around 50 pounds of ground meat a day since February.

“I didn’t even eat my fingers.

I was just constantly eating it.”

Her symptoms started to worsen in late April.

She developed a fever and had an abdominal pain and swelling.

She was taken to the emergency room, where doctors found her eating the intestines and the bone marrow.

The woman said she had a lump in her stomach and was able to swallow only through a straw.

The lump turned out to be a small, yellow, white and green “tongue” stuck to her tongue.

Her doctors have confirmed that it’s a common food-borne illness.

The University of California Davis Medical Center confirmed that the woman has an infection of the mucosa surrounding the tongue and that it is caused by the bacteria that causes food poisoning.

The hospital’s emergency room doctor, Dr. Joseph F. Carbone, said that the infection may have started because the woman ate her fingers.

“I was eating the bones and then I was eating all the bones,” the woman told CNN.

“There was no way I was able, I couldn’t get it out of my mouth.

I had to drink the water.”

The woman’s condition has progressed to the point that she is in the ICU and could die.

Her family is currently trying to find out the cause of her illness.

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While there is no cure, she said that she hopes to have it cured before she dies.