When the royal icing is not icing, it’s a sandwich

A family of royal icing enthusiasts from south-east Queensland have made a sandwich of traditional British pastries.

The family of four, from Port Douglas in south-west Queensland, have been baking the treats for more than three years, and have now created a delicious snack that is a little like the Royal family itself.

They’ve even had a few people eat the royal-themed treats for lunch at home.

“I love it,” one of the family’s members, who does not want to be named, said.

“It’s so good.

It’s so delicious, we just can’t get enough of it.”

We’ve had some people come in, ask for a slice of it, we’ve got a few who come back for a second one.

“The family has been selling the treats at their local market since 2014.

The royal icing contains sugar and vanilla extract.

It is a special recipe from the Queen, Queen Victoria and Prince Philip, who were inspired by the British tradition of eating a piece of royal cake and having a drink before retiring.”

The Queen’s own recipe, Queen’s Cake, was made from white sugar and butter,” Ms Glynn said.”[It] is a great breakfast sandwich, a very popular sandwich in Queensland.

“The cakes are also popular with tourists, who can buy them at local pubs.

The recipe is a family affair, with all four of the siblings sharing a love of food.”

Everyone loves the royal cake,” Ms Gllynn said, adding that she and her husband have made their own royal cakes.”

Our favourite one is the one we’ve made and it’s called the King Cake.

“The Royal family also have a long-standing tradition of making the royal cookies, which were popular during the Queen’s reign, and the family have been making them ever since.”

They’ve got them all over Australia,” Ms Goldin said.

The cookies have been around for over 150 years, with a few variations of the recipe.

The Royal Family also have other unique recipes, including a dessert that uses vanilla extract and coconut milk.

The cakes were made from a blend of vanilla and coconut cream, and Ms Glynns said the family would not go into detail about the ingredients.”

You’ll just have to trust me on this one,” she said.

A family of three cooks up a royal-inspired breakfast sandwich at their Port Douglas shop.

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